Songs Sung Over the Phone

by The Glows

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A home recorded demo. Suggested price $7 but feel free to pay more or less.


released July 2, 2016

Engineered by Adam Hawkins and Chad Wallin
Produced by Chad Wallin

Special thanks to:
Tom and Cat Wallin
Stephanie Bombita
Brian Scandariato
Desirae Garcia
Inaiah Lujan
Ally, Harry and Justin Wallin
Brittney Jurgens
Bill Starr



all rights reserved


The Glows Chicago, Illinois

Chad Wallin is creating stuff.

From Omaha, Nebraska currently in Colorado.

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Track Name: Data Farm
There is a body behind
The market we're strollin by
Drifted to fruit and fly
I'm stranded in wasted life

traded, trailing behind
Wander with crusted eye
Rotted from stem to rind
I want it but seldom try

It could be me
Or it could be useless
I'm thinking that she
Grew up on a data farm

Like the sound of a murder
Or the words that'll hurt her
Bombs of audio to disarm
It's that endless need to cut out at knees what is ours
But I'm ok with all that

In Paris, up echo stairs
Apartment, it needs repair
Sandalwood in the air
Stay in your underwear

Through window, a city cry
Counting the ceiling eye
My body, sentient disguise
I'm grateful, but out of time

The fences are mean
The cattle are useless
I'm coming clean
I live on a data farm

It's like this tickets a winner
But still sat there through dinner
Jabs we mumble to pick it apart
It's just that endless need to always be in love

Or just another platonic
Tongue to heart catatonic
And then ran out into the yard
That's why she said to me you'll alway be alone
But I'm ok with all that

I feel it more with a dull sword
Volcanic ground
My open seams, my torn up jeans
My ashy crown

Roll on the piles of dollar
Like the stacks of the slaughter
Perfect suiters sent to the door
I can guarantee it'll never be enough

Like the scorn of a mother
Or the nag of a lover
Every flaw you see in your art
A voice heard faint and mean, you'll never be enough
Don't give a fuck about that
Track Name: Time Capsule
Sweet little thing
Got lost parked your car right up on the sidewalk
You're an ageless queen
How long til you unearth your time capsule?
All those rusted dreams
The things you thought would make millions are garbage
The girl of your teens
Wrote you a letter, a wish list of promise
But you're just poisoning
Everyone who would die for you in silence
You've been an absentee
You're as clean as the crows are quiet
You're as clean as the crows are quiet
You're as clean as the crows are quiet
You're as clean as the dozers

Lost in the mail
Golden record on the voyager
Trouble on the trail
For the interstellar Mozart
Not finding anything
I doubt they'll find anything in time

Crashed on the lawn,
You need the past, that old shoebox of knowledge
Your old you long gone
Just a collage of your boyfriends from college
Those old Mayan kings
You conquered them now your calendars are empty
The friends you don't see
You scraped them off like the frost on your windshield
Hey, what about me?
Were all my efforts meaningless but valiant?
What do you adore?
You're as clear as those stone hieroglyphics
You're as clear as the Congo in the night and the fight
You're as clear as a house full of spirits
You're as clear as the protesters' plight

You're as clear as the riots
You're as clear as the riots
You're as clear as Orion
You're as clear as the riots

Time capsule
Track Name: Shooting Them Down
She drips like a candle all across my mind
Doesn't want to live her life too ordinary
I want her shape like a vase
She caught me faded away
She strums my strings
I feel her in my spine

Her breath is chilled, a cemetery breeze
Wouldn't be caught dead living ordinary
Painted me one of her dreams
I'm as pale as the color scheme
We do dumb things
A dozen through the night

Just keep shooting them down
Just keep dragging your feet
Shoot the other men down
Build them up on the sheets

The shops are opening up, her estuary knees
Outside they don't know it's all momentary
The T.V. snows, her tracer hands
On paper rolls, piles of plans
The bulbs in rows, the cars in jams
The lens exposed, the lights are banned

Just keep shooting them down
Just keep falling asleep
Shoot the other ones down
Billow up like a sheet

Parachuting them down
Parachuting them down
Parachuting them down
Parachuting them down
Track Name: This Resolve
Porcelain days
China cup
This resolve is foreign
Like me alone walking in Accra

It's these strange things
that pour into me
and I may never know why

My evil ways
Crushed a bug
This resolve is foreign
Pheromones in Antartica

It's life's brittle beings
placed under me
and I may never know why

For a long, long, long, long time
But that's alright

Cuz this resolve is foreign
Like me at home back in Omaha
It's time's greater schemes
that tower over me
Track Name: Something Better?
Well, you look so smart and so full of grace
When you part your hair that way
Am I the first thing that you'd find
But the last one you'd consider?
Cause my bad behavior has waster all your time.

And you keep your mind calm like a lake
I know your spirit is a river
And I'm just a crater littered with mistakes

Are you better now?
Why you so terrified by things that'll please you?
Fearsome softer sounds
Are you still waiting on the one who will treat you
Better now?
Someone to poke their cute little head through
Your window down
Could there be something better?

Could you be cool with doubt?
What if you were wrong and there's no one to greet you
When you're placed in the ground?
Just decomposing like all other things do
When you settle down
You'll become the earth the dirt grass and trees, too
Yea, you'll come around
Could there be something better?
Track Name: Make Me Feel Better
Make me feel better and stay in this town. What do those other towns got that we don't have anyway? They may have a drive in, but only ironically. We have one just because it's still here. So stay in this town and make me feel better.
Track Name: Red Baron (Pony Express)
I've been alone feels like a hundred years
I guess I've lived too long
But it gave me time to be contemplative
On the things that we've done wrong

And how nothing can get passed you
You block the shot every time
Guess I never really ask you but
I hope that you're doing alright
You've always been my Red Baron
You shot me down
You became immortalized
But please, don't make me laugh
Or I'll miss you

I've been asleep feels like a million years
I guess it's been too long
Let's rest in peace and wink at the times we had
and the crazy things we've done
In Beijing on a hospital bed
You told me we were family for life
I may have saved your life that day but
You saved mine every night

Nothing ever snuck passed you
Never found asleep at your post
I never used to ask you but
What makes you happy the most?

I know you'll always love me like a brother
And yea, I'll always protect you like a knight
I just wish we still loved each other
Like some shiny husband and bride

But nothing ever gets passed you
I can't hide a thing from your eyes
Guess I never really got passed you 'cause
My life ever since is a lie
I'm sending this by Pony Express
Cause I'm not sure I want it to reach you in time
But please, don't take this hard
Or I'll miss you
Track Name: Bedroom Jam (Ooze and Oz)
Well, I've been living a lie
and I can never go home
I've been dreaming of dying
and I can never believe that there's a difference

Well, I've been leading life
it took me further from home
If I believe that I'm fine
Why should I ever believe that there's a difference?

I might be tangled in vines
Maybe this isn't some self discovery

I'm just living a life
any weather is home
I've been dreaming of flying
How could I ever believe that there's a difference?

I might have stepped out of line
Maybe I just need more time recovering

We'll, I've been living a lie
and I can never go home
I've been dreaming of dying
and I can never believe that there's a difference

I've been living a lie
Track Name: Keep in Touch (a song for my friends)
Do you remember Dakota?
And our talk in the gutter?
You told me everything
You and I hypnotized

MV Explorer, kid
Are we rocked on the water?
You were more like a brother
We could say anything
Seemed like another life

Keep in touch
You’re moving mountains

Oh, Kyotango
Have you grown like your sugar?
Is there ink in the blotter?
You told me Life is Sweet

Hey, Philosophical
Am I finding you centered?
When I’m dabbling Buddha
Only half awake
You tell me go back home

Keep in touch
All minds inform you

Yo, Hypodermic
When ya plan to recover?
Check your pulse for the daughter
Take in the little things
Just keep yourself alive

Hello, Elmina
Strange seeing each other
Ride the Gold Coast together
Escape’s down the other way
Just a cruise on a motorbike

Keep in touch
I know where you come from

So long you wild ones

To all my friends
Drifted, scattered in fall out
To all my friends
I am making the call now

To all my friends,
Keep in touch